Hond HRG 416 SK

Product Description

The Honda IZY HRG 416  lawn mower is designed to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. At just 29 kg, this lightweight push mower is ideal for complex gardens where maneuverability is key. With a noise level -1dB, which under the current European Noise regulation, your neighbors won’t be complaining about the noise.

IZYs are easier to start, handle and operate. With a 41 cm cutting width, the Honda IZY HRG 416 PK is suited to keeping gardens less than half a tennis court in size in good trim.

The HRG 416  features a completely redesigned smart blade that bends instead of breaks on impact with hard objects, which prevents it from damaging the entire mower and results in a longer machine life. Features a fantastic airflow, which increases it’s cut and collect performance, and reduces the noise levels by 30%. The included grass collection bag has a large capacity to minimize trips to the compost heap.

£475 Total



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